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PAID Work - UI Artist for mobile game

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We are looking for an experienced UI Artist. You will be working for an exciting mobile game that is currently under development and will be creating high-quality Heads Up Display (HUD), layout and all UI components.

A little overview on the project:
10-18 years old female primarily, but males and ages 18+ can also play

- To be provided after candidate is selected

- Concept & Mockup
- Layout and UI element creation
- Graphic and sprite work

- Very good experience and understanding of mobile game UI conventions and layout
- Expert-level skills with Photoshop and Illustrator

You will be creating the ff:
1. Concept design + High-fidelity mockup
2. UI components (Header, Footer, Joystick, Action buttons, Avatar, Tooltips, Popups, Dialogue Box, Driving controls, Context wheel, Meters, etc.)
3. 3x Important/main Screens Layout and Design

Budget: $600 USD

Priority: 2-week task

Kindly include a link to your portfolio to be considered.
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