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Anatomy studies - Looking for a feedback

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Hello there polycounters !
i've decided to leave my comfort zones and create this post

I'm planing to post here my anatomy studies which i'll do as usual, with no time restrictions, and by doing speedsculpts, with various time restrictions, although i don't know if that's  a good idea to do speedsculpt, if i want to improve my anatomy... I want to do it until the end of this month, i'm not sure that  i'll post something new everyday, but i'll try to sculpt every day possible.

My goal is to improve my skills, speed , and anatomy knowledge by everyday practice

I'm kinda new to "anatomy studies" so i'm not really sure if i'm doing it right, so please let me know if i don't.

And to start off here is the first piece :

It's a speedsculpt of male torso done by 1 hour

The shape is done wrong i think, which can be seeing in the side view, also i don't like the area where arm, pectoralis major, and deltoid collide, i think i did it wrong.
I only sculpted front and a little on the sides because that was my goal (if that also a mistake please let me know)

As a refernce i've used this image :

and several other muscle images

So that's it for now, i'm looking for a feedback, please let me know what you think, and what should i do in order to improve.
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