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Need Critiques About Scene Layout & Composition.

I am making a corner of a room. A Study Corner to be precise.
My teacher said the 1st layout looked like a closet and she thought I was more like a room than a corner of a room. 
So I went home and changed the 1st layout into the 2nd layout (with longer wall and floor and include a roof) 

What do you think? which one is better? what can I improve here in terms of layout and composition?


  • LucasNazato
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    LucasNazato polycounter lvl 2
    The second one definitely feels more like a corner, specially because of the roof, as it indicates there is a continuation to the room.

    The one thing that seems a bit odd is the distance between the table and the wall, usually the table would be closer to it. Also maybe add a window? As it's a study room, I imagine it would be good to have some extra light to help with reading. Just a suggestion really.

    Also good work on the models!
  • Chef_0f_J0EY_SH3rWay

    The walls in 3 and 4 are a little bit different in length. However, I like number 4 the most! 

    The table is not close to the wall cuz the main focus of this scene is on the table and all the props on it, so I place the table kind of in the center of the scene.
  • LucasNazato
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    LucasNazato polycounter lvl 2
    Looks really good! Yeah, I think it's quite clear the table is the focus of the scene
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