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How to build a character/creature concept art portfolio for certain styles with 2d and 3d pieces

Hello everyone, 

Lately I have been focusing on how to effectively train to get a character concept art job and I would like to develop a portfolio that consists of 2d and 3d pieces.  I have found that zbrush is extremely powerful for visualizing a complete object and the ability to take it into programs like keyshot and substance painter to get realistic images is something I wish to incorporate into my skill set.  Now I know 2d is vital to design to be able to iterate tons of thumbnails, character sheets, etc., but I still want the ability to go all the way in 3d, not necessarily to make it game ready but to complete the concept to make it look high quality. 

My question is, how do I train to become this type of designer if I'm primarily self taught? I have somewhat financial capability to buy tutorials online and I have quite a few good tutorials I have already bought.  I plan on continuing foundational studies and getting that to a competent level, but I also need to develop the style for the types of companies I want to work for.   I am doing research on the type of IPs I'd like to work on and lists of the characters and creatures for these products. What is an effective/efficient way to train if I want to get a job working on similar projects like Final Fantasy, The Witcher 3, Skyrim, Anthem, etc. I like both fantasy and sci fi, not too much horror, and I really enjoy creature art. 


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