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Issue: Models with transparent shaders

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vaskopetrov polygon
I'm getting a problem when i have two or more models with transparent shaders (or a standard shader with emmision) close to each other. What happens is that when rotating the camera, the models constantly disappear and reappear.
Is there a logical fix to this which I'm missing?
I'm working on a mobile game and the build platform is set to Android.


  • RyanB
    That's sorting and a common problem.  One way to deal with it is to make a copy of your material and change the copy's render queue to something higher, for example 3100.  Assign the copy to the front object and the original to the back object (higher render queue in front of lower render queue).  If your camera is spinning 360 degrees around the objects you need to be more creative in finding solutions.
  • vaskopetrov
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    vaskopetrov polygon
    @RyanB I will try it, thanks. Unfortunately the camera is spinning 360, so I'm gonna have to continue looking for a clever solution.
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