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[Paid] Looking for a concept artist with an understanding of town-layouts & level-design.

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I'm looking to commission a freelance concept artist with a distinct knowledge of city layouts and a moderate understanding of 3d level-design. We'd be working to capture this place's overall spatial design & visual aesthetic with 5~12 rough perspective sketches followed up by 3 finalized pieces once the art-direction is established. 

With those mood-boards in-mind, here are some principles for direction...

  • Solar Punk aesthetic, but within the realm of known science. No anti-gravity, teleporters, or faster than light travel. 
  • Utopian design that counterpoises the typical Dystopian aesthetic we see in most science-fiction.
  • No cars. Everything someone might need on a regular basis is available to them within walking distance.
  • City Centers & Public Parks. Careful sizing and placement of social hubs to facilitate local activities.
  • There are slight touches of futurism in the world design, but nothing overt like glowing blue signage.
  • Urban farming, vines, grass, trees, water. Nature is unruly, but human architecture remains prominent.
  • Architecture, spacial-feel, nature, color, and a sense of scale are the focus points of these pieces.

Here are some additional references for both aspects of design...

And a few questions that may help paint a clearer picture...

  • Do I feel comfortable wandering this urban space?
  • Does it feel well-lit and open despite being compact?
  • Could I recognize someone at the far end of this city-center?
  • How long would it take to walk to the city center or local market?

If you'd like to discuss project details and rates,

I'm available via Discord (Glitch#7548), Twitter (@cwcorella), & Email ([email protected]).
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