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Sketchbook: Dominic Read (Snugglesthefalse)

Hello internet people. This is the start of my sketchbook thing.

I started this project a few months ago while I was busy with uni. I'm hoping to get a lot of sculpting done on it soon and a friend suggested I start posting here.

My refs for this are the ingame models and a mixture of other concept art/fan art that I've found. Lots of work to do still. Criticism is welcome.


  • Snugglesthefalse
    Most of today's changes happened to smaller areas like the top of the helm and the hair/fins.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Not a huge amount of progress today. I worked mostly on the armour, going over the patterns again.
  • Snugglesthefalse
    Day 4 of my sketchbook, I managed to put more hours into this than yesterday so I'd say there's progress somewhere around here.

    Started throwing the rough forms of the necklace bit in.
    Now the tail has a bit more shape (on the front at least, need to go over the back).
    Redid the tentacle things and moved them a bit, still adjusting some of the armour plate positions so nothing's really final in this area.

    Yep, that's about it...

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Today's been mostly practicing with clay buildup and not using the smoothing tool. New matcap.

  • allmighty_thunder
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    Some of the forms you have(the more organic ones, especially the face) are a little bit lumpy i would recommend sharpening the bony/sharp bits and smoothing this that are not like that.

    The more hard surface stuff is looking good.

    I like the overall design, keep it up :D
  • Snugglesthefalse
    Thanks for the feedback, I've been spending a bunch of time working on the organic forms so hopefully there's some improvement. Just to clarify, this is fan art but I've been mixing some elements from different versions of the same character.
    Here are today's renders anyway.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Not the most productive day today, I did some work on the hip area (more needed though), still messing around with the armour pattern and the tentacle thing, it's kinda weird how it joins up with the rest of the armour... I also roughed out another piece of the necklace. Things to do next would be more detailing on the necklace, adding the connecting piece that's still missing, possibly splitting up some of it into more separate pieces. I also want to go over the hands as the fingers are looking too long towards the ends and I want to do some general improvement to that area.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    I haven't done any sculpting on the big project today. Did a paintover for the helmet last night but all the sculpting today's been on a (maybe) quick side project.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Haven't managed to put much time in today, I've done some reworking on the helm which will need some tidying up.

    I also did some work on the hands, fingers still need a lot of work. I'm probably going to add some more webbing to the hands too, the art shows a fair bit and the fact that Nami's a mermaid means it makes sense. I also spotted a little mistake on the underside of the "hair" in the picture above, backface masking is great when it works.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Started on the staff today and did a bit more work on the hands.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Did some work on the staff and general tweaking all around. Added the rough shape of the last piece of necklace too.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    I did a bit of practice work today, nothing special, just anatomy.
    This took about 1 hour.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    I did some work on the necklace and the arms/torso today.
    I probably need to do another pass on the lower arms then soften up the muscles a bit.
  • Snugglesthefalse
    So I did another quick paintover earlier.

    And here's a render from later on.
    I need to do more work on the necklace detailing I think, attaching the pieces together in a way that makes sense, that kind of thing... I still need to do some more detailing on the helm and possibly attach the tentacle things to the rest of the hip armour.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Today I spent some time on the necklace, I broke up the middle section some more and finally had a chance to mess around with the ArrayMesh tool. I still need to go over the top section so that's probably next up on the list. As usual, I noticed some areas that could do with touching up while I was taking these renders... notably the breasts, arms and whatever you call the fins going down the front of the body.

  • Snugglesthefalse
    Here are some more bits of progress, did a bit of tidying up but mostly spent today messing around merging the tentacles onto the armour.
    I need to refine the area around where it joins, the edge looks messy and parts of the tentacle shape picked up some issues from the projections. I've probably lost a bit of detail too...

    And here's another messy paintover, vaguely highlighting what I need to do next with the armour shape.
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