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Baking high on low process

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All files attached (high & low FBX, blender file)

Can anyone explain is there any set of rules i need to know before baking high on low ?
Is high poly need to be bigger than low ?
Do u need to triangulate both models before baking process ?
Can "baking high on low" process smooth edges on lowpoly ?
How can i improve my models (low or high or both) in order to bake it properly in Spainter ?

stuck forever with this model ........  :'(

Low poly:

High poly (subdivision mod):

UV map:

Result after baking high on low:


  • Taylor Brown
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    Taylor Brown ngon master
    Ok so there are numerous issues with your baking process. 

    1) This noise around the curved edges is due to aliasing. The best you can do is try to straighten your UV shells as much as possible without causing too much distortion. Certain elements are (like circles) are always going to be a pain in the ass to eliminate issues from.

    2) This dark mark is because the bake cant capture that detail due to the shape difference being too extreme. Your best best is to add on more edge there so that the high and low conform to each other a bit better.

    3) All those areas that seem like the bake is bleeding into eachother is due to how you've either set up your cage or that you haven't broken the meshes apart to be baked separately. For instance, everything can be broken into high and low parts... Blade_high, Blade_low, Shaft_high, Shaft_low etc ... and then set your baking parameters acoordingly. Personally, i do my normal bakes in Marmoset Toolbag because the process is super simple.

    4) All those faint lines are there because you haven't set your Soft / Hard edges appropriately.
  • Taylor Brown
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    Taylor Brown ngon master
    also, unless youre trying to make a film asset where every part needs to be modeled in... I'd say this area is a perfect example of what can be baked into a LP without having the geo there
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