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Florence Cathedral 3D Scene

This is a 3d environment based on the florence cathedral in italy, an italian gothic, renaissance architectural building made in 1436, up to 114 meters high. It is an extremely detailed architectural wonder. Decidede to make this building as my latest project for practicing modular kit creation, modelling with modular workflows, using trim sheets and tileable textures for memory saving and also exteriors and compositing creating exterior environments, as well as improving my lighting skills.
The whole model has approx 8 materials, including 3 core materials, (building bricks, details and colors) with a window/metal materials as well as the statues materials (statues located in the front entrance).
The model has approx 1.5M verts and faces, +500 pieces made by 63 individual modular assets, with 4 UV channels each.
The whole project was completed in 3 weeks including refference process, planning, blocking and rendering/compositing.

If you wanna see the full project, go to: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GXYKAN

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