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Could use some help creating a lion skull study in zbrush

I am just wondering what a better method would be to complete this study.  How could i sculpt in bone like material, what brushes should I use?


  • Jimmy_Chao
    Planar, Trimdynamic, TrimAdaptive, hHolish?

  • PatrickGibson

    So those thin edges are kinda tricky and the backface masking is not working ideally, maybe i need to tweak the settings on that but I guess if i throw more man hours at this I'll figure it out.  I wonder what more experienced artists would do at this stage. 
  • PatrickGibson
  • PatrickGibson
    WIP I may come back to this later but I figure this is good for now. 
  • PatrickGibson
    Here's some more work I have for the lion studies. 
  • Alex Javor
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    Alex Javor insane polycounter
    im probably one of the less experienced zbrush users here, but seeing as how you didn' tget any suggestion yet i provide one:

    the more time i spend using zbrush, the less tools i use in it. 99% of time it's move brush and clay brush. Be sure you know about alternate move brush functionality. I think its if you hold alt and drag it moves along normal. basically turns it into inflate brush.

    you will hearsimilar thing from the power zbrushers as well. Also you can watch gumroad videos from the big character artist and you can see they only using a couple of brushes for most of the work. The real work is just in seeing whats there and being able to understand its form, volume, silhouette. takes a lot of patience but consistent practice does make you improve. Just don't beat yourself up over what you missed. As long as you improve one thing each time you are doing well.

    Looks like you doing good job though on your own. Cool studies.
  • PatrickGibson
    Yeah its on to human anatomy for now. I like to go with whatever I feel that day but focusing on foundation first.  Occasionally I'll copy some cool character art to try to absorb their style.  After anatomy I'll wanna move on to figure drawing animals and humans. 
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