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Migrating from Unity to Unreal -- best system for foliage spawning and splatmap generation?

insane polycounter
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Alex Javor insane polycounter
Hello, I have begun a new game project and before I go too far with it I want to test things out in Unreal.

There is one third party tool I use in Unity that I believe I would need a counterpart to in Unreal. Vegetation Studio is is a robust tool that lets you define biomes, where they go, what spawns in them, automatically creates billboards and batches things for better performance. Also gives you lots of non-destructive global control over your vegetation and terrain textures.

In short it's an open world nature spawning system.

So, there's got to be something like this in Unreal? I am searching all the tag words I'd expect but not finding anything on the market place.

Any help is appreciated.


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