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polycounter lvl 2
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SeanWink polycounter lvl 2
What does this red arrow mean? I did paint effect to curves but when I try to select first CV I cannot. I thought when you select convert paint effect to curves it is suppose to make the paint effects curves. Is there a way to make these curves so I dont have to paint again?


  • boba3d
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    boba3d polycounter lvl 8
    Hi, I am not sure what was your intent but if you have any paint effect and you convert it to the curves Maya would transfer paint effect to curves. This red arrow means it's a group and in that group are curve elements of some certain paint effect. As I know you couldn't convert curves back to pain effect. I hope it helps you at least to understand technology behind the paint effects conversion.
  • SeanWink
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    SeanWink polycounter lvl 2
    Ok thanks I figured it out.
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