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Marmoset (Capture>Video) render output is a still image

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Yode polycounter lvl 3
Whenever I try to render (using capture>video) custom shaders, the video output is just a frozen image, with no movement whatsoever. Like... it creates a 10 second video of a still image. 
The shader (basically a scrolling texture) works fine when I'm previewing it, but once it is rendered and a file is created, the result is just a 10s video of a still image/object

Any thoughts on why this may be happening?

Thanks guys!


  • Arthaven
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    Arthaven polycounter lvl 8
    Hello @Yode , many custom shaders options are only available in real time and not able to be exported and rendered to video. That is probably the case with what your are running into. Let me know if you have any other specific details though. Thank you!
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