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Gears of War 5 - Cinematic Environments

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R3D interpolator
Hey guys! I want to show off some of the environments I worked on as a Cinematic Level Artist for Gears 5! 

The levels and cinematics are always a huge collaboration between multiple artists and disciplines. I'm humbled to have had a hand in this project. 

My responsibilities included, but were not limited to: set dressing, scene/level layout and assembly, asset creation, proxies and asset call-outs, scene optimization. 

I've chosen a couple key spots to show off. There's also a few more and a more detailed breakdown with the cinematics for context on my Artstation  https://www.artstation.com/kenr3d 

Baird's Lab:

This was a shared space between the cinematic and gameplay departments. There was a huge amount of back and forth between our teams to make sure the environment worked for everyone. A lot of hands have been here and the final quality really shows how we were able to refine everything in the end. Huge shout out to the lighting and FX teams.

New Ephyra:

Cinematic level for both the intro and return to Ephyra. This was a more challenging level due to the sheer scale of everything. Huge shout out to the tech-Art team for the amazing optimization job for keeping everything running smoothly and the background team for their awesome BG elements.


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