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Hiring Skilled UE4 3D Platformer Character Programmer

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My name is Timothy and I am a burgeoning 3D artist and designer.  I have been independently learning programming, graphic art, and design since I was 13 and received formal education in video game art and animation, having graduated in 2016. I am hoping to transition from my current full time job to working full time on my own shipped game project.

For the past several months I have been formulating game design documents, prototyping ideas and concepts, and figuring out the details for my first planned commercial game.  The details of this game will be provided through a multi-page game design document if I believe you to be a suitable contender for this position.  I will also be creating a Discord chatroom for communication purposes and will be sending a sample UE4 project file containing the character model for testing purposes.  The player character model is completed, but is currently not rigged as fleshing out the basic controls will be important to determine how myself or another rigging and animation artist should proceed.

Who I'm Looking For:
You must be experienced in character programming in Unreal Engine 4, either through Blueprinting, C++, or a combination of the two. You must be able to organize files neatly following established file naming conventions and deliver clean and commented code or Blueprints.  You must provide a video or playable demo showcasing your work on character systems in Unreal Engine 4, preferably demonstrating prior experience with cartoon style 3D platforming games along the lines of Ratchet and Clank, Psychonauts, and Super Mario Sunshine.

This project is being worked on by a small, startup indie and currently has not reached the phase in which publisher or crowd-sourced funding is available; therefore, this is a single payment commission opportunity.  If additional funding for the project is acquired down the road, I may reach out to you with a proposal to join as an official team member.  The amount of payment for this role is negotiable and will be based on your demonstrated skill level.

Additional Info:
You will have the right to showcase your work on this project for personal portfolio or demonstration uses.  You may not claim assets for this project not created by you as your own, directly or indirectly, or resell any assets specifically created for this role.  Please send a personal message containing some information about yourself and examples of your work if you are interested in additional information regarding this role.  Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or comments.
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