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Looking for a 3D modeler who can create sliders. (for emotions and such) *furry warning?*

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Cyndro polycounter lvl 2
Hello everyone. 

So I got a 3D feral dragon model. I want to work a bit more on it, however I really need sliders for facial expressions. 
The model is a SFM model (Source film maker) (don't make it in blender, as it will not work on SFM unless you are amazing in coding and able to transfer it into SFM) 
Here are a couple of examples: 
I took this model as it has these amazing sliders, and it works so smoothly with the entire face. 
This is my model: 
It only got two sliders, angry and sad. But the entire face will move instead of parts like the other model. 

If you want I could send you the first model so you can check it out. I do have to warn you that it is NSFW model. 

If you are interested, please send me a PM so we could talk about it. 
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