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substance painter high poly bake issue

Hey guys im also following one of Tim's tutorials and having a floater bake issue and could use some help.

Before this issue appeared I had this issue...

which was caused by an ngon i missed and had to re UV map the grip. Now that i solved that it no longer bakes some of the floaters from the highpoly mesh... My previous substance painter bake looked like this:

Now it only shows up without the grips diamond pattern housing rectangle when I did not rename the object, translate the object and am using the same bake settings inside Substance Painter as with the first bake.

I dont understand why this is happening...

As you can see I have everything labelled correctly yet it still wont bake the floater... 

I tried grouping the floater to the high poly grip like suggested but it didnt work. That suggestion worked for a different floater though so i dont know what to do now..


  • rememba_da_name
    Also the Magazine is now longer baking the high onto the lowpoly and i never touched the mag at all since there were no issues.... Any help would be amazing
  • MisterSande
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    MisterSande polycounter lvl 7
    try these things;
    - first fix your topology a bit.

    - try triangulating inside of 3DSMax (good practice anyway so you know results will be the same no matter the engine/software)
    - check to see if low poly and high poly match perfectly. Is naming absolutely correct ?
    - are the HP and LP lined up correctly ?
    - test bakes using a cage, or increase the cage from SubstancePainter
    - make the floaters + high poly 1 object, reset XFORM and test.
    - do a test with just the parts that do not work.

    Showing us the UV's + normal bake results would also help. Cheers,

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