[UE4 Environment] Wood hut interior

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MathisO triangle
Hey everyone,

First time posting on polycount so bear with me, being almost done with my first environment in unreal I wanted to get some feedback to point me in which direction i could go to improve my scene.
The concept of my scene was made by Wardenlight Studio, while I didnt want to replicate it 1:1 I still tried to keep the overall mood.

Since its my first environment in Unreal feel free to criticize anything that come to your mind, im looking to learn.

Thanks for your attention!


  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz polycounter
    The table with the thin black metal support appears a bit like it's floating atm (the legs might be a bit too thin for UE4 to generate good shadows). The outside tree and clouds are also of a noticeably lower quality compared to the interior props.
  • benjamintrout
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    benjamintrout polycounter lvl 4
    Yo, just wanted to let you know that you on are the right track! This is looking fantastic, i would just say in regards to the previous comment try playing with lighting and the position of the lights in the scene. just try to match them up with the windows and make sure you don't have a global light casting shadows from parts of your house unto the floor. maybe get a global light in there that is soft then some directional lights in there from the position of the sun or windows. something like that, but this is looking sexy my friend!
  • cbates540
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    cbates540 polycounter lvl 4
    This is looking fantastic! The open skylight feels like it's missing something. The closed skylight has blinds on it. Should the open one have some evidence of that too? The edges on the light coming in from there also seem pretty sharp.  It's looking great though!
  • MathisO
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    MathisO triangle
    Hey guys, thanks a lot for the feedback !

    I made some changes to my scene as you suggested:
    -Changed the little table design to get better shadows.
    -Redid the tree on the outside.
    -Changed the lighting.
    -Added a store to the other window.

    I feel like i lost some interesting reflection but the lighting is more accurate i think.
    What do you think ?

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