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Beep Boop - #CuteRobotChallenge for Sketchfab

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MMKH polycounter lvl 11

Created this for the Sketchfab #CuteRobotChallenge. It was fun to do. :)

Sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/6NCGy

Original concept and art direction by Sovi Ngau. https://www.artstation.com/misterwu

I'm going to render this model in Marmoset Toolbag and prepare some presentation images for my Artstation portfolio in a bit. The model was all created in Maya, and coloured in Maya using basic materials assigned to each of the areas with their own colours, of which the RGB values were copied and pasted into the Sketchfab 3D settings. This was done to save time and complete it before the deadline tonight, since UV unwrapping was taking a while and I realized that it wasn't needed for this style. Some lighting adjustments would work just as well when rendered. Only the front-facing shoulder box and the warning sign on the side of the backpack were UV mapped and textured with their respective decals, with the background colours matching the rest of the solid colours of the model.

I am open to constructive comments if anyone is interested. Thanks :)


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    Ashervisalis grand marshal polycounter
    Looks cool! I think you could have stuck his backpack out a bit further, or increased the field of view of the camera. There is a curve to the head/hat which I think you missed, and I think you could reduce the roughness of the eyes. Other than that, looks awesome!
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