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3D Artist ( Hard-Surface/Prop modeling and PBR texturing ) looking for a job

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My name is Károly Rosta, I am a hard-surface/prop and texture artist ( but sometimes I sculpt extinct animals too ).
I have ~five years of experience in 3D modeling and ~three years of texturing (Substance). 
I'm primarily looking for a "long-term", remote job. ( freelance or full-time )


- Creating highly detailed 3D objects
- Digital Sculpting
- Hard Surface Modeling
- Low-Poly Modeling
- Prop Modeling
- Creating PBR textures
- UV Mapping
- Modeling with clean topology
- 30+ hours of free time per week!


- Blender
- Autodesk Maya
- Substance Painter
- Substance Alchemist
- Pixologic ZBrush
- TopoGun
- Marvelous Designer
- Knald
- Headus UVLayout
- RizomUV Virtual Spaces
- Marmoset Toolbag
- Adobe Photoshop

My portfolio:


PM, Artstation

Feel free to send me the information of the project. :) 
Some examples of my portfolio ( more pictures on my Artstation ) - I hope you like it:

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