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[Rev-Share] Need 3D Artists for Roguelike Shooter (Gameplay vid in description)

Hi :), I’m Masi and I‘m currently working on a [i]QuakeRogueLike[/i].
As the project is way too huge for a single person, I’m looking for motivated participants.

Looking For: 3D Artists/modeler
Payment: Rev-Share(maybe kickstarter...)
Contact: Twitter https://twitter.com/HustlaMasi [ENG/GER]

I need 1-2 people with 3D Modelling knowledge:
-Texturing and/or Animations
-Basics in Unity

The game needs a lot of content,so a particular artstyle which allows for quick and simple 
modelling should be chosen. 
That’s why it should go into some sort of Low poly DUSK or Quake direction(poly/vert count)
(Lowpoly with Unlit, Pixelart or PS1/2 Style Textures...).
Link to some gameplay footage:

If you happen to have any questions and/or feel ready to participate in a somewhat huge project, 
feel free to message me! ;)
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