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Animation production Company looking for talent.

Production company

We are a small start-up animation company who are looking for workers for hire. To help participate in an animation series named "Margola and Hunts". This is a multi-episode series containing 10-12, 30 minute long episodes that may be cut down to 15 minute mini-sodes. Along with the series work, Three to four 2-3 minute long trailers will also be assigned. 

current status of project roughly 75-85% completion. Last remaining stages are Rigging, animation, and post production ie. compositing, final editing. 

Specifically in search for Environment Artists, Animators, Riggers, SFX Artist, and Compositors.

Environment Artists- will be tasked to finish remaining assets and complete current ones.
Animators - Will be tasked with animating the series.
Riggers - Rigging 15+ characters of varying body types
SFX Artists - Implementing techniques to add final "PIZZAZZ" to final animation
Compositors - Completion of final product. 

Being a small start-up the budget is quite low, we are at current $5,000 on our budget, though it is quite low the remaining stages for the project are few. If capable the prospects of future projects of sustainable budgets are present. We are also accepting college interns for participation in the projects as well.

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