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Bug:Competing shader error (not fixed)

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DavidCruz interpolator
Object is a TEAPOT as an example ^.
So while i was testing stuff, i came across this interesting error, if you lock (lock as in can't rotate upward or downward anymore with the mouse) you get an error of competing shaders.

I found a "fix" wanted to help in the debug department so if you know about this already i couldn't find the thread about it hope it helps if you didn't already catch this one.

Oy: its not fixed i just reloaded idk what it is :( i tried other axis, it worked on a different model, playing with the axis's, but the teapot still has the error for me.

Position Y: 0.02 - not rotation - worked - but does that mean the camera is just avoiding that angle and the bug remains? 
Trying to be informative: this is with all of them using alpha - no image.


  • Arthaven
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    Arthaven polycounter lvl 8
    Hello @DavidCruz, do you have a test scene along with a video that better demonstrates what issue you are running into here? You can post here or send me an email to support@marmoset.co and I will evaluate this further. Thank you!

  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    -To polycount web editor, i can not get out of the quote box if i use the quote option & idk whats up with the italic but it took a while to get out of that also, i'd select all the text click the I and it still typed in italic, was a little annoying..-

    Hi @Arthaven, how weird i just got a notification about this just now, kind of late sry, ouch. (not my fault).  It was an issue with geo clipping each-other if they are to close, i used the custom shader option and selected 1 clone to have 1 shader then the other clone to have another shader and it would flip between the two at certain angles.

    I'll try to make a gif or something, (hard to manually keep up with everything i post on pc, especially if i get notifications on replies about5-6 months later.)

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