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[PAID] Looking for additional 3D Artist for game project.

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Hi there!

We are looking for a 3D artist to help us create the art assets for a game that will we educate children in a fun to play an educational game.

What we need?

- All our 3d assets will use texture swatches (See here for an example of the technique: https://www.polygon-treehouse.com/blog/2017/12/6/swatch-magic)
- We need a puzzle room as seen in the 3 images below. That can be configured with different objects as shown.

How to apply?

Sent an e-mail to mat@funatomic.com with the following things:
- Portfolio.
- Hourly rate.
- How much and how long in total you think it would take to produce the assets portrayed in the images below?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Mat Nicholas
Game Designer @ Fun Atomic

NOTE: We do not hire studios. If a studio applies we will not reply.


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