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My name is Justin and I'm an aspiring 3d Artist looking to break my way into the gaming industry. 
I'm just gonna be blunt... I'm looking to "hang out" with others who I can talk with about 3d Art, Portfolio work, gaming industry, etc. 
I work on my craft almost every single day and I'm getting kind of lonesome going at this solo. I don't mind some alone time, but it's nice to have a conversation with someone who is also interested in 3d Art. 

I want to be able to learn and grow as an artist and I find that being able to work alongside someone (even if we're not working on the same project) is a good motivator for me to work each day.

Here's my portfolio if you are interested in seeing what some of my work looks like:
It'd be nice to have someone around my skill level. I'm NOT saying I'm amazing. 

Anyway, if you are looking for a friend you can join my Discord or comment with your username below.



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