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11 Second Club - September 2019 - Asking for feedback!

Hello everyone, I’m participating in this month’s 11 Second Club contest and would like to get some feedback on the scene I’m currently working on. Feel free to critique and add anything you deem necessary!

After giving some thoughts about getting rigs for all of the character on this scene, I thought it would look entertaining if I picked these to work with. So it is basically a farmer with its uncommon animals in an ordinary day

The transcript of the audio is this:

Voice 1: Here they all come. Hello Bumblebee, sorry. Hello noisy geese.
Voice 1: Hello Cuthbert! You’re out early this morning, well done. Hello CC, hello Owen.
Voice 1: Wow, what was that about?

 Here's a rough blocking



Let me know what do you guys think about this!


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