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Stylized Naruto: Ōnoki

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"Making Excuses, CANNOT be excused!"

Hey people! this week I began a project that would allow me to convey simplicity, and appeal through a character. And in the process due to the simplicity, allow me to hone each step of a stylized characters pipeline into a more efficient manner.ide like to thank Bryan bedford for the inspiration of displaying.

Onoki was a character that's purpose resonated with me from he's debut in Naruto. The whole idea behind Onoki is that you are never too old to learn, grow, and take action. And that there is always something you can do no matter how small in the face of adversity. He was always a character that just oozed personality and I knew he would be a fun little project to work on! :D

So far I have used Zbrush for 99% of this project, the remaining 1% is the sole of his sandals which was made in Maya.

One consideration I'm not quite sure on yet is the usage of color gradients on he's tabard. For example, I have already used it on he's back tabards, but not the front ones. Just to get an idea of what it might feel like. Let me know what you think!

My focal points for this project that I wish to improve the most are my texturing, and my overall displaying skills.

I have left some self-critique and a mood board of reference to get started, and will be focusing on nice crispy stylized cloth folds next!

I would be eternally grateful for any and all insight on this project. Let's make this little guy an eye-popping portfolio piece!


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    DenizGreysun polycounter lvl 2

    I wasn't able to post my progression for about a month due to having to take time out for an arm injury, but I'm now in the clear and able to show off last month's progress!

    So first off last month, I acted on my self crit and re proportioned Onoki to have more of a triangular flowing overall silhouette.Shortening he's legs, making he's shawl more form-fitting and soft, enlarging he's head just a tiny bit to emphasize that he is, in fact, an old skinny man. I also carefully added some harsh, solid cloth folds to the sleeves to break up he's soft and block colored overall shapes. I did the same with the shorts, but you won't be able to see that very well until he's posed! :P

    Extremely happy with how clean the bakes came out. Learning how to use Marmoset baking has been such a rewarding and satisfying experience. The results are unrivaled!

    Aaaaand finally nice crispy topology! ^_^

    I will now finish the textures for  Onoki!

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    DenizGreysun polycounter lvl 2

    Done Done! Rig and marmoset setup is done!

    I got a little caught up in learning a bit of Rigging, so apologies for going dark for a bit!

    Also, I decided to have a go at making he's first prop; Onoki's particle style Jutsu!

    The last thing's I need to do now is explore some poses, Do some research on how to nicely display characters, and also make him a nice little rocky ground plane. Was also thinking of making some tiny little rocks that could float around him too!

    As always you can check my progress out on my Artstation blog, or most social media sites!

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    wow just look really cool! nice
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