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[WIP_Environment] Can't Rain All The Time!

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Long time... no post!

It's been a while since I was here but as I'm starting a new project any feedback would be ace. I've had this one on a back burner for a while but it's got the better of me now so moving forward with it.

Started by collecting some images by Liam Wong and the went on to find some more in the same style. I found a couple of images that worked well so photobashed them together (a little x makes the ones I used) to build the type of scene I was hoping to achieve, all really simple stuff.

The main purpose of this project is to push myself further in UE4, to really get a handle on lighting and effects. I can also see that trim sheets could be useful for me to experiment with in this scene. Other than that, I'm gonna the modelling keep as simple as I can. 

For the textures I'm gonna be using substance designer, I'll also be looking at using Quixel for the decals to mix in the scene, and maybe some small pieces of trash to litter around the scene (I'll see how I feel about that closer to using them) 

I should have a block out in the next day or two, and would love to hear any thoughts from you good people 



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