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(PAID) small 3d video for entertainment purpose

polycounter lvl 5
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Jadav polycounter lvl 5

we are looking for freelancers who can do a 3d animation video for entertainment purpose.For this video we have all of the character models prepared but the weapon models freelancer must prepare themselves.Budget is $2100 and quality will be something similar to this sample youtube video.


please check the above youtube link to check the quality.we would like to tell freelancers that this will be a long time dedicated work and also it won't be possible to give 50% from the start so freelancers must not ask for 50% from the begining.Payment will begin from 30th October 2019 since busy with other projects.

please contact archimondes1992@gmail.com


  • keyframeguy
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    keyframeguy polycounter lvl 9

    There seems to be quite a bit of missing information.

    Is the budget reserved for modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing and editing ? 
    Or is it only for animation ?  If it is only animation, are the rigs done ? If yes, which software were they made in ? 
    Finally, what is the length of the said animation video you need made ?
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