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Looking for proper vertex color painting tool (3DsMax)

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J_East96 polycounter lvl 2

Hey Folks,

Can someone recommend a good Vetrex Color Paint tool/Plugin/Script? I have to paint specific and complicated (hard surface) Geo and the Standard VertexPaint Modifier doesnt let me deselect stuff and saving presets (probably a bug but I dont have the possibility to Update)


  • Eric Chadwick
    There really isn't a good one. Although there are workarounds, which could be scripted to speed them up. 

    Like you could use Render Surface Map to generate curvature values, then use VertexPaint to convert the baked maps into vertex color, for editing.

    There's also the HLS adjustment tools inside VertexPaint.

    If you collapse the stack, then want to re-edit the colors, add a VP modifier, add a new Layer, then merge it back down. This will force the embedded vertex color to be exposed to the modifier, and thus editable. 
  • coven
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    coven polycounter lvl 6
    If it's something that could be procedural, you could also look at the Data Channel modifier.
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