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[PAID] Need 6 non-animated character drawings and 6 backgrounds for a simple web game

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About the Game

We are developing a simple web-based game to help people practice reasoning about human motivations. You play as a detective investigating a digital crime, interviewing people in an office setting to determine who committed the crime.

In terms of look and feel, the game will be similar to a dating sim. There are a handful of locations and characters to talk to. Here is a simple mockup using art from another game.

Assets Needed

We need a total of 7 non-animated backgrounds and 6 non-animated characters (3 male, 3 female). Characters should be drawn from about the waist up, as in the mockup above. We only need one image per character, no facial expressions or anything like that. We're looking for a semi-realistic style... not photo real and not too cartoony, as above.

The backgrounds are all in an office setting... a main floor, a few cubicles, an office, etc. We also need 5 variations of a desk with a computer on it, where the computer screen takes up most of the image.

We would also like a simple logo for the game, if possible.

Details and Pay

We're hoping to pay about $50 per drawing, for a total of $800. We have a little room to negotiate on price and scope.

This work will be done for the University of Kentucky, which means some considerable paperwork to execute the contract. US citizens require a little less paperwork, but this is not required. We expect executing the contract to take the rest of September, and would like the work to be done by mid to late October.

Thanks, and if you're interested, please send a link to your portfolio to:

Prof. Stephen Ware
[email protected]
Department of Computer Science
University of Kentucky
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