RGB layer black in arnold exr render

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Can anybody help me out?  I'm new to rendering hair.  When I render my hair strands with xGen in Maya it shows as the color in the Arnold render view.  When I save it as an .exr and open it up in Photoshop the RGB layer shows up as black but with some spec highlights.  All the other layers are fine: AO, Normal, Alpha, etc.  I can't figure this out :(  Any help would be very much appreciated.  Photoshop on the left / Renderview on the right


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    Looks like your scene is to dark and there is a gamma issue.
    Have you tried to brighten up the image as a test?
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    Thanks for your reply! I have an Arnold skylight set to 0.2 and a directional light set to 1.0. The weird thing is is that if I save out this beauty render from render view as a single jpeg it looks fine. Tif, tga, png look dark. I also have the gamma in the render view set to 2.2 as it was too dark when it was set to 0.
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