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Answered: Anybody know what FBX version the Megascans are exported with?

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JoshWilkinson polycounter lvl 9

The long and short of things is that I'm running on a 2016 version of Modo. My 3D software can't open FBX assets that are exported using a preset newer than my version of Modo. Most people in my studio use Max and export with an older FBX preset because everybody in the studio can open with any software. Is there a reason Quixel uses the latest FBX presets? I'm genuinely not too familiar with all the ins-and-outs of FBX export presets so there may be a pretty valid reason. 

But more importantly, doesn't anybody know what version the assets are exported with? I'm looking at pulling the trigger on a more recent Modo license just to cease so many errors. What concerns me though is buying a license and wtill not having the preset that Quixel exports with. If newer FBX presets really are important, I'm looking at either $400/year just for FBX packs or changing my 3D software; but both seem pretty dramatic for adopting Megascans into my workflow.


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