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360° Videos in VR, 8k

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Hey there~

Has anyone experience with 8k videos in unreal? currently using 4.22.3 

We're trying to get a 360° video ready for VR  - it works fine in 4k but it would be great to use the 8k version.

Playing the vid on it's own runs smoothly - it seems to be the CPU getting problems as soon as we try to play it as media texture on a sphere. It's not lagging but i's rather in slow mo with sometimes speeding up for a few seconds.

Any idea how to get it back on normal speed? 

It's not an fps problem in the editor itself but rather the CPU ( Intel Core i7-9700K, 8 cores) just getting maxed out as soon as we press play.

Thanks in advance ^^/


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    Obscura grand marshal polycounter
    You should rather post this on the unreal engine forums. But to be honest, lets just face it, people are struggling even to play back 4k stuff properly, sometimes even in videos, so 8k is just ridiculous at this point, in any context. Unrelated example, but windows media player cant even stream videos so you run out of system memory while watching a blue ray quality 4k movie on a machine that doesn't have at least 64 gb of ram. Technology is not properly ready for this kind of stuff yet.

    I know things are different in vr. I saw 4k pano videos on my Vive and I know you can see the pixels. Just to be clear. But still.
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