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How do you assign multiple texture in one model

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Hello, I created a model with UDIM UVs and imported to Substance painter by using  "Create a texture set per USIM tile" feature since seems like Marmoset 3 doesn't support UDIM texture. But now the problem is I don't know where I can enable Marmoset's multiple texture set option of my model. Should I just bake my model in Marmoset? Or should I just created multiple texture set in Maya first?


  • EarthQuake
    UDIMs are not currently supported. You'll need to apply 1 material per UDIM to your low poly mesh in Maya before importing into Toolbag. If you want to bake UDIM style maps you'll need to move the UVs for each UDIM into the 0-1 texture space too, as Toolbag ignores UVs outside of 0-1.
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