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Tribhuvan TechnoArt | CGI - Game - Film | 3d Low poly modeling |Mobile Game Art.

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Tribhuvan Technoart
is a technology service and solutions provider headquartered in Surat, India which brings both art and technology together to address, develop and deliver expert solutions which include Augmented Reality  –  AR, Virtual Reality  –  VR, 3D Modeling ⚬ Rigging ⚬ Animation, VFX, AAA 3d game assets, Mobile Games, Short Films ⚬ Documentaries ⚬ Advertisements.

We create solutions/platforms and experiences that inspire, inform, educate and entertain using the various domains we cater to like AR, VR, Games, CGI, VFX & Films. While we are focusing on emerging technologies, we always. We help our clients chart new ground, to adopt, to adapt, to establish their pre-eminence in their markets so that they can focus on what they do the best.


We have our expertise in building up of high-quality 3D game assets are tailored to the specification of the target game development environment. We also cater VFX for promotional video, advertisements, documentaries, and films.

We create games that are creative, immersive, addictive yet easy to understand and also an AR / VR game helps the user in such a way that they supersede the real-environment.We develop AR / VR game with passion such that provide the user with an immersive experience.

We create documentaries which in turn document the real-life aspects of the topic and we present it in such a beautiful motion picture narrative.also we create commercial advertisements, with the aim so the product/service/message reaches out and connects to the masses.

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