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3DS Max ISSUE... Floating unselectable line

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I have a model almost fully UV unwrapped when i find this line inside of RIZOMUV and 3DS max UVM modifier and the Modeling edit mode.

It is not selectable so i cant delete it and if you look closely the object surrounding it are all black lines which are all selectable. What has happened and how do i fix it?


  • rememba_da_name

    even when i restore the faces its shows over top the actual edge...
    Yes i welded everything to 0.01 and even welded inside RIZOMUV and in 3DS max UVM modifier
  • Mark Dygert
    That is really bizarre, does it move with the object or the faces?
    Does it stay there if you convert to Editable Mesh and back again to edit poly?
    Maybe select all of the faces and detach them into a separate object and delete the old object?

    It might be a frozen spline line or a frozen helper? Do you have anything in the outliner/layer manager that doesn't belong?

    If it's just some crazy visual glitch, I would suspect scene corruption. So you might want to do a "export selected" to a neutral format like FBX or OBJ and import it into a new scene. I wouldn't trust OBJ to handle normals correctly but it doesn't look like you're at a stage where that would matter that much so it might be a decent bare bones format that clears off the weird unknown garbage.
  • tigerija
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    tigerija polycounter lvl 7
    Try adding Edit Poly modifier on top and then try to select and remove it.
  • jdellinger98
    I believe the "Line" your speaking of in reality is due to rendering. What that is most likely is you deleted a selection with a thin edge hidden in between resulting in there being to vertices not connected to the mesh. If this is the case

    go to editable poly

    Click vertex's and select those followed by delete.

    A lot of times this happens when you are getting rid of edges/Vertex's and hit the delete key rather than Ctrl+Backspace. (I don't know the difference but there is one)

    Also to make it easy to select those/ Press 4 (face select) and Select all of the poly/ Hide selected. Then go and do the vertex part. 
    That line more than likely Does not make up a poly/tri/etc so it won't be selected in that.

    Hope this helps, little late to the topic.
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