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I made a tool to speed up the process of creating trim detail in Maya. I uploaded it to Gumroad a while back and figured I would tell people here about it. If you happen to try it I'd be happy to hear what you think, if it's helpful to you or not. This was originally made for some old co-workers who were wanting an easier way to create these types of Trim in Maya. 

In a nutshell, the way it works is you create a profile curve, select some continuous edges, and hit a button to extrude a trim piece along those edges with your UVs included. 

Here is the Gumroad link: https://gumroad.com/l/easy-trim
You can find more info on how the tool works here:  www.eric-kimberly.com/easy-trim
And below are some quick gifs of the tool in action. 
Thanks for reading!


  • IxenonI
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    IxenonI interpolator
    Looks very cool. Can it handle geometry that is slanted or at an angle?
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    Looks like this will save me some time. I will pick it up!
  • Subtle 1rony
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    Subtle 1rony polycounter lvl 6
    Hey guys, sorry for the late response. It should handle slanted geo, though I'm not exactly sure what case you had in mind. It definitely can break on more complex edges. In that case its probably easier to break your trims into separate sections. 
    Here is a gif of it working on a slanted surface, is this similar to what you had meant?

    Also wanted to add that while not the original intention, another possible use of the tool is creating pipes based off poly edges as demonstrated here:

    This will also retain history so you can change the size of the profile curve after the fact and it gives you UVs as well. Hope this proves useful to anyone. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for checking it out!
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