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[WIP] [UE4] Teddy Krueger's Love Shack

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Spag_Eddy greentooth
Greetings fellow art nerds! I'm posting this earlyish WIP in an attempt to document my progress throughout this personal project of mine. Clearly it is still in the early phases and will come to be more populated/polished as time moves on, and the lighting still looks like complete ass, but these are all things that will be remedied by time. Regardless, critique and feedback is strongly encouraged throughout the project!

The idea for this project initially stemmed from a strong desire to create a throwback to the 80's and, more notably, 80's horror, which has been a lifelong hobby/passion of mine. Over the course of time, I started coming up with more and more ideas and am at a point where I now have a pretty clear direction of where I am taking the story with this one. Again, it's still in the rough/early phases, but I hope to tie everything together as I get more steps in! I hope to someday be part of a studio/team and have the opportunity to work on a horror game, so this will hopefully serve as a good exercise in understanding the fundamentals of such a project!

Software used:
Maya LT
Substance Painter

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