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My name’s Zack. A while ago, my partner, Jamie, and I began outlining a game. We’ve spent the last 2 months working hard to produce a small section of the game. We have built a major part of the first environment, a working combo system, a working HUD, interact-able items, etc. We now have about 7 people ready to start working on the game but we need 2 more people.

A bit about us: I am a programmer and he is a 3D artist. Both have an educational background in game development. I am a full time software developer with 2 years of experience, currently studying for my second degree in Game Design. Jamie is a second year university student, with a previous HNC, and has 2 years of experience within various 3D software.

Brief Overview of the Current Game Idea

A ‘souls genre’ game set in a fantasy stylized world, in which the player fights their way past demons made in the Unreal Engine. The game (we hope) will have two unique aspects:

• Players will utilize a combat system where combos change dependent on how the player wishes to distribute their attribute points.

• Players will have a dynamic difficulty. Using magic will increase the quantity, power, and play style of the enemies.

The player’s quest is to save his world from prophesied self-destruction, due to the use of magic, but in doing so he only makes matters worse.


We are hoping to use a LEAN or Iterative development style. In its current state, the game is planned to:

• Be heavily focused on providing a dynamic and satisfying combat system which acts as the games core mechanics.
• Use a stylized art style which delivers a dark atmosphere.
• Have a non-linear design to the levels.
• Tell its narrative through environmental storytelling and avoid a stereotypical structure of using heavy dialogue and long cutscenes.
• Be a mid to long term project (at least 1 year)

What are we looking for?

The game is in such an early stage of development that we are looking for all disciplines interested in starting work on a project. We’re not asking for nor expecting any experts, but at the same time, it’s a huge help if people joining the team already have a solid foundation/knowledge and skills. To list a few:

• Animator
• Level Designer
• Concept Artists

What's in it for you?

As mentioned before, we don’t expect anyone to be an expert, which means there is plenty of skills to develop and opportunities to learn. We encourage that, and hope that as a team we can make it an enjoyable experience, which ultimately all contributes to creating an end product.

With the game being in such an early stage of development where many things are still being ironed out; we hope to give everyone who joins the team a voice, where there suggestions and ideas can have a genuine impact on the design of the game.

We plan to ship the game at the end. Working on this game will earn you a place in the credits of a released game. Rev sharing will be the reward if we profit.

We are willing to invest money in the game if we find a good team that works on the project for long term.

The link below are screenshots from a small section of our first environment. We hope this gives people a good idea of the art style and atmosphere of the game.


We also have a short video to highlight some of the gameplay features we have created in a very rough and early stage (we need an animator).


A few notes: The characters are placeholders as well as some of the animations. We’re hoping to get a character designer and an animator. This way I, a programmer, am not attempting do art.

If you’re interested in joining the project, or have any questions at all, please feel free to get in contact by sending a PM.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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