Fight sequence feedback

So, im new to this forum, i have been working on this shoot for 3 weeks or so, and i would like to get some critique/feedback
Was made in Maya (i started to work with maya 4/5 months ago, but i was making animations in SFM/GMOD before)


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    Great job! One of the things that's usually wrong with fight scenes is that both character don't look fully engaged all the time because on is supposed to be the hero and win, but you keep both character alive and looking like they are trying to win. The energy is great. The two things I'd focus on are clarity during crucial moments and balance. 

    Your important impacts happen on 39, 88, 127.
    For 39, if you can get the hand up to the sword a frame or two earlier that'll help with leading the views eye, so they understand what's going on when she blocks with the sword on her back. I didn't understand what happened until I watched it a second time. Also, because this is an important moment to have clarity, fix the hand pose on f36. Because it's not a traditional move that viewers will expect you need to be extra careful about selling it clearly.

    For the action on f88, this reads well. Great job holding this moment. it's weird to me that the sword is so still from 88-98, because I'd think there would be some of the purple woman's weight being shown as the brown woman tries to hold her sword up. If you can add this in without sacrificing clarity, then great, but if it starts to look messy then I'd keep it the way you have it.

    127: great hit frame, but it happens too fast. For fast action you either need to sell the action in the antic or the follow through. Here, we have 1 frame before and after the hit where she is kind of in a kicking pose. The follow through is probably the best time here since you'll have all the time you want for her to return to idle, make use of that time and the hit will feel better.

    Lastly, balance. I'll circle some poses that feel off in green.
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