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Tiger's Nest

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Hello everyone :) ,
Here is my final project covered in 11 weeks at Interactive Art and Design
The goal was to make an ancient civilization environment with a slight touch of sci fi.
I was in charge of every aspect of the environment, covering modular assets, trim texturing, terrain landscape, vegetation, rocks structure, lighting and compositing. This project was challenging because this location seem to be private and references was from far so it was hard to reproduce some stuff like the small details attached to the architecture, so I had to study the architecture of Bhutan and then I understood how it worked. I would like thank José Pavli for having participated on this project. He made the Music for my showcase of the Tiger's Nest and he did a great job! 
if you are interested to visit my Artstation you're more than welcome :) 

More pictures about the Tiger's Nest project:

I hope you guys enjoy :) 

I share with you some references I took to build this location:

Video & screenshots:

Showcase video: 

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