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Seeking 2D Environmental Artist for MMO project

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We are seeking a 2D Environment artist for an MMO project that we are working on. It is a 3D fantasy setting, and we are aiming to create a classic feeling of difficulty and investment for the player experience. This will be an extended project, with all project members having a negotiable income to request should we get to funding / publishing.

What we are seeking currently:
- 1 Environment Artist

- Discord access required for our company server
- Must be able to respond to requests and collaboration notes within a reasonable amount of time
- Must be able to produce quality pieces and accommodate revision requests
- Must be able to work with a team and keep a passionate attitude about our work together

We have already started working with an Author for a prequel novel to our story, and it is being released on Amazon. We are hopeful that successful sales will lead to earlier project funding.

Currently, we're aiming to do work to fill in the first few areas of the game and be able to demo working features. At that point we can seek out funding for the entire project.

Please email me at: [email protected] if you are interested in working with us. Please include a link to your portfolio.
~Alexander Kino
Director, Grand Arc Designs


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