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Sketchbook: Sansa stark (GOT) likeness project

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WaleedAbid triangle
hey guys this is a personal project for studying likeness.. female faces are very challenging .. so any feed back would be appreciated .. thanks
here is my main ref :
and here is where i got so far :


  • Bostvic
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    Bostvic polycounter lvl 3
    This is awesome work. Really captures the likeness.

    I have come back to it a couple of times looking for something I can critique and the only thing I can say is the texture of the lips. They are a little too wrinkled in your version. The shape is absolutely spot on, but they seem like the lips of someone much older. It might be a product of the matcap you're using, though.
  • WaleedAbid
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    WaleedAbid triangle
    Thank you for your feedback.. for the wrinkles of the lips it’s acually very wrinkly in other close up references that I have Ben using .. maybe I went too deep with it .. anyway thank you again ...
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