[Tool] Alpha Maker for Substance Painter 2019

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GreyJke node

Not a long time ago i was working on project where i needed a lot of simple, but not standart alpha stamps. So i was making them in Photoshop and it was not so good expirience. Constantly bouncing between two softwares if i need to make slight adjustments. Create alpha in PS. Save. Re-import. Apply. Realize that i need mirrored version of same alpha. Repeat. Since i hate boring work i decided to automate this process. And it would be nice to use only ONE software when texturing 3D models. So i opened Substance Designer and start to make something ... (back than i didn't know what am i going to do). Eventually it turned into this.
Yes. This post is bassically an advertisement for my tool. But hey! Maybe this tool is really what you need and it can be helpful in your workflow. Think about it...
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