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[Paid] Looking for an artist that has experience with architecture and interior design.

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I'm looking to commission someone with architectural/interior design experience for a project I've been iterating on for some time. As of posting, I'm in need of a specialized artist to give this game's 'vertical-slice' a more believable space. 

To elaborate, I need one, well-polished and visually interesting room interior. — No prop modeling. I'd only need the room layout and general shape post-decoration. 3D software should be used to whitebox the space before moving onto detailed modeling. The final room should be less like a traditional 'level' and more akin to the spaces you'd find real-life. Some blueprint references might include your local pub or coffee shop, so it should be optimally sized for a small, handful of people. 

To explain the requirements with more detail, 

  • The visual design of this space is intended to make the player feel comfortable enough to wander and relax.
  • I'm explicitly looking for that is an artist that can design with 3D modeling software; e.g. Blender or Sketchup.
  • There are slight touches of futurism in the world design, but nothing overt like glowing blue signage.
  • I would prefer to commission someone with a background in architectural/interior design.
If you're interested and would like to discuss rates, you can add me on Discord (Glitch#7548), Twitter (@cwcorella), or Gmail (christopher@corella.com). Here's a reference sheet I've compiled if you're curious about the space's aesthetic.

The Hearth is a Small, cozy room with an emphasis on warm, natural-feeling light. It's carefully shaped to allow for scene decoration and intentionally designed make the player feel comfortable in the space. Project inspirations include Quarantine Circular, Oxenfree, Persona 5, and Night In The Woods.
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