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Siren Game Model

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DyingAge polycounter lvl 6
I've recently finished this character based on Forrest Imel's concept art: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ybyO3R

His artwork is really inspiring and I had a lot of fun working on this character. I hope you like it  :)

Normal mode Healing Aura

Character is roughly 14k polys and the Tentacles 800 polys each (10 tentacles).
Sculpted in ZBrush, Retopology and pose in Maya, Textured in Substance Painter and Rendered in Marmoset.

Aggressive mode Damage Aura

ZBrush Sculpt

Neutral amp Textures
Neutral amp Wireframe
Posed front amp back

More pictures and video reel at my Artstation:

Feedback and critiques are greatly appreciated guys, thank you for your time ;)

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