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Can I get feedback on this project please.

This was my first time creating a small scene. I have never used zbrush or substance painter but I had fun to create high poly detail that I thought i had to create in maya. I feel like I have learned a lot creating this scene. I used a tutorial from pluralsight to create this to help me understand the work flow that I never knew before. So can I please get some feedback on this.I want to know if i missed anything or learn something new to help me on my 3D modeling workflow.


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    So my focal point seems to be where the statue slab is at. My question for you is, assuming this is a dungeon that players crawl through, what is going to be at the upper right stage to make it attractive?  A bunch of loot?  What drama are you looking to create?

    The lighting is definitely starting to lend itself to that.  Good cool shadows against the warm lights.
  • jose.fuentes
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    jose.fuentes interpolator
    I would say push the lighting, right now its seems a bit dark over all.  Your textures can use a bit more love too, add some subtle color variation, and try to age them a bit the surfaces, right now it looks like this dungeon was built a couple months ago.  Good work so far, keep it up 
  • 7bajwa
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    7bajwa polycounter lvl 9
    First thing that bug me is the scale of the overall scene. plus texture details are also very big and compare to the things around.
    I think you are following this https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/game-environment-modeling-fundamentals
    Look at the scale of the assets to each other. Make the longer bridge. right now scene looks tiny as compare to the character. 
    Just blockout the scene according to the scale of the player. like those chest will be of waist height of the character as well as the railing. Lamp can be to the head height. Look at some god of war videos you will get the idea of the scale for the chest, statue and gate
  • Glyfik
    Developing your workflow, starting out, takes a very long time. You'll want to get something like Mudbox for only $10 a month before getting an application like Zbrush. If you're working in 3DS Max or Maya, then their synergy is a big plus. It's cheaper, and less effective (of course) but it'll get you the detail you need to make things stand out. 
    As for feedback in this scene, I would advise you utilize PBR's more often for texturing environments like these, especially for ancient worn-down levels like these. Unreal's Material system goes quite deep. Consider looking into utilizing vertex colors and seamless normal maps (as well as using the multiply and add functions.
    I heard you like Pluralsight, Joshua Kinney is a fantastic teacher on that site and can teach you just as much as the developer who taught the tutorials for this level. I believe his name is Alex? Can't quite recall
  • JonnyM
    Thanks a lot for this feedback everyone. My modeling skills were never great but after some practice I am seeing that I am getting better at it. Textures still need to be improved and put them all together into the scene made me really happy. I am going to get better at improving my modeling first before trying to put them in a game engine where I can make them really shine at the end. I also just wanted more feedback on the models because that is where everything begins. If I do not have good models then everything falls apart. But mostly its my textures that are the problem and the scale of the models. So boxing out the scene first before creating the assets can really help me.
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