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Maya Blendshape Issues: Mesh Flipped between Left and Right

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Hello, I have been struggling with this blendshape issue. The mesh I blendshaped is flipping between left and right.
  • The blendshape input is already under the skincluster
  • The mesh is not freeze transformed
  • The scale is 1,1,1
  • Other mesh I tried to blendshape is doing alright (example: the eyeballs), only this one is flipping.
Anyone have any idea? Thank you so much for the help!  =)


  • suspectlogic
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    suspectlogic polycounter lvl 9
    if you comfortable with sharing your file it will be helpful in exploring the issue. otherwise answering some questions could help. What is the intended behavior ? what does the target look like? is the goal for eyes to rotate or are they supposed to change shape?
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