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Baking Issue (Driving me insane!!!)

polycounter lvl 2
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bhenderson polycounter lvl 2
Hello, I am trying to get good bakes with a model to make sure I have a good workflow and I just can not get a good bale when trying everything even cages and it is just this one piece, the first piece that I am having issues with! Please any one with any knowledge on what I am doing wrong I would really appreciate it!
These are the two different low[poly's I have tried in substance with the same highpoly and a cage and without a cage and I have also adjusted the fontal and rear distance as well too and I am still getting this weird edge. Do I need to retopo am I missing something??


  • rollin
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    rollin interpolator
    Hi there,
    You are projecting along the normals, right? So when you view your low and high at the same time on top of each other - how does it look like at this "weird" edge.

    Also you have to post a picture of this setup for us to check. 

    Most likely reason: the edges of the high and low doesn't properly align and you get ray-misses at the edge.
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